Real Madrid

The history about Real Madrid



Real Madrid club is the one which is commonly known as real Madrid. It is a professional club for the game of Football which is based out of Madrid in Spain. This club was founded in the year of 1902 and the team uses white colored home kit from the time it was created. The word Real is from Spanish which means Royal and was chosen for the club by King Alfonso XIII in 1920 and even gave royal crown as part of emblem.

The team played the home matches in the Santiago Bernabeu stadium which has got the capacity of 85454 which is there downtown Madrid from 1947. Unlike the other sporting entities, it is the club which is owned as well as opened by the members of it throughout the whole years. It is a valuable team in whole world and is worth 2.5 billion pounds. It is also the football team that earns the most in whole world.

Real Madrid forms one among three of the founding members who are part of Primer Division and it has never got relegated from top division together with Barcelona and Athletic Bilbao. The club has got many rivalries that lasted for longer time. EI Clasico and EI Derbi Madrileno are the major rivals of the team.

Throughout the majority of home matches the most of the seats in the stadium are filled by season entry holders, of which there are normal of 68 ,670 .To become a season entry holder you need to first be a socio, or even club member . Along with members, the group has more than 1, 800 club, affiliated supporters’ groups in Spain and also all over the world.

Real Madrid from 1991 to 2016


The team has added three trophies to it’s collection in first few of the years in this decade. Among the trophies that they earned, the notable one is the 2011 to 12 Ligatite which they won along with 100 points which was a record breaking winning. The highest score which is available in the history of this championship is 121.In the year June 2013, CaloAncelotti became part of Real Madrid. This Italian has won four trophies when playing with whites. He even has got a great way to perform so that it can help you in getting a good victory. Goals that came from Cristiano, Marcelo, Bale and Ramos really resulted in triumph.


2001 to 2010


Vincente Del Bosque stayed as manager of the team till the year of 2003. He has a great vision and philosophy which has made the team to be real champions in the game. During this time when he was acting as their manager they celebrated victory in European cup, domestic championships, UEFA super cup and supercup of Spain. It is an era that could compare with the performance of the team during 50s and even in 60s.


1991 to 2000

This is the decade that is dedicated to Vicente Del Bosque, Fabio Capello and Jorge Valdano. These are the three successful coaches of this era who have made the team stay strong and come to the top in Europe and La Liga. Roberto Carlos, Mijatovic, Suker, Seedorf, Laudrup and Redondo are some of the players who joined the team during 90s which has helped the team to showcase great performance and get great fame in the game of football.