Sportsbooks Deposit Boneses

What is a sportsbook deposit bonus?

Why do sportsbooks offer bonuses?



These are money offers given to sportsbook customers to attract, encourage, appreciate and keep customers glued to their sites. Majority of the sports betting websites give deposit and reload bonuses to its customers and most of them offer the same bonus percentage.

There are different kind of bonuses like, Deposit bonuses, No deposit bonuses, Free bet bonuses and other bonuses that you can read more about further down on the page. Sportsbooks need customers like any other business does. The bonuses they offer are basically to attract and keep customers.

So are sportsbook bonuses genuine? Yes and no. It all depends on one factor-Are you a loyal customer that will play bets and make the rollover requirement? Then yes the bonus is genuine for you. But if you are only signing up to the site to win that bonus then you might never get it.




What are the types of bonuses offered by sportsbooks?

Deposit Bonus


The most common sportsbook bonus is the deposit bonus.This is usually given to new comers who sign up for the site and deposit money. For example if you deposit $200, and the sportsbook bonus percentage is 50%, then your account will be credited with another $200. The problem though is that they wont let you withdraw this amount until you have played some bets.This is what they call a rollover requirement depending on the site; some might require that you do a rollover of 3 times before you are allowed to withdraw your bonus. Therefore in the case of a $200 deposit, you will have to bet until you win $600 before you can withdraw your bonus.

No deposit bonus


There is also a no deposit bonus. This bonus is offered when a customer does not transfer funds before they are allowed to bet and earn real money. This is a good way to join a site but a customer pays a higher price after he starts earning real money.

Free bet bonus


Other types of bonuses are the free bet bonus where a customer will bet for free after his first bet and the percentage of loss bonus where the sportsbook will send a percentage of the losses back to a customer. However these two are not commonly used bonus offers.

Other boneses


Another uncommon bonus is the bonus given for other gamblings and betting categories. This is usually found with sportsbooks which also provide casino and poker games. And these bonuses are to encourage you to try out these games. This bonus is also for live games and mobile games.

Read reviews before joining a sportsbook


Should I use the % of bonus a sportsbook offers to decide on whether to join a sportsbook? When deciding on what sportsbook to join, the bonus offer should never be your first impression.

There are other factors that weight more in determining your choice for a sportsbook.

Above the list is the financial status of the sportsbook. This reflects the ability to pay winners. Another way to find out if winners are being paid is to search up the internet with the name of that site or to read reviews about the sportsbook your about to choose.

But make sure the reviews you read are for independent reviewers. Bet365 is a popular online sports betting site you can read more about it in this online gambling review. Also look at how long the sports book has been operating, and whether there have been any incidents where the website has not paid its winners. It’s always good to do a lot of research before choosing which betting site you will start using. All sites have different offers and it’s smart to have a look around before signing up.